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Any ideas about new projects related to this book / course? Please share them with us! 104 379
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If you wish to say a few words about yourself, please write a post here. It's always fun to know who is using the book / course and in what capacity (instructor, student, self-learner, ...). 106 255
by Lozminda
I use Pop! OS and not sure really how to run the tools as necessary. Since, Pop! OS is is based on Ubuntu so I presume it's the same. All I can find are directions based off of Ubuntu LTS 16 or the most recent Linux system being Linux Mint 19.... I tried giving permissions to execute but still... 1 4
by Lozminda
When I load the FullAdder.hdl in the Hardware Simulator, the HDL box stays blank. I can also load the script but cannot run it. I faced no such problem while creating Project01 and the HalfAdder. *FullAdder was created using two HalfAdders. * Untitled.jpg (151K) <http://nand2tetri... 1 1
by WBahn
What frequency does the CPU emulator run at when there are no animations and the slider is set to fast? I am creating the Nand2Tetris computer on breadboards (sort of like Ben Eaters breadbaord computer) and I want to know roughly what clock input to use. 2 8
by Gerrit0
Is there a software that transforms an HDL file into a graphic schematic presentation of the chip? Thank you very much, Rmai 2 4
by WBahn
Hi, I hope all is well. When I try to install the Software Simulator on my computer, Microsoft informs me that I would have to switch out of S Mode: "You may want to think twice about switching out of S mode. Especially if performance and peace of mind are your top priorities. S mo... 1 1
by WBahn
Are there stilll plans in releasing nand2tetris part 3, as Shimon says in unit 7.3 More Fun to Go ? 1 4
by ashort